Lenny Wright - Vice President of Operations

Balancing Turn Chaos

Interview with Lenny Wright, VP of Operations

This month we had the pleasure of chatting with Lenny Wright, the VP of Operations at Student Quarters. Lenny is not only a powerhouse when it comes to overseeing operations and driving business development but also a family man with a passion for cooking and sports.

When Lenny isn’t conquering the world of student housing, he’s busy cherishing his role as a loving husband and father. He’s been happily married for six years (a remarkable 12 if we count their dating years!) to his amazing wife. Together, they have two adorable daughters—Ella and Abby. Completing their family is Cooper, a lovable golden retriever who adds endless joy to their lives.

Apart from his dedication to work and family, Lenny has discovered a newfound passion for cooking. He loves experimenting with fresh and wholesome ingredients, creating mouthwatering dishes. From concocting exotic flavors to exploring innovative cooking techniques, Lenny has truly embraced the culinary world. While he admits that finding more time for sports can be a challenge, his passion for athletic endeavors remains strong, reminding us all of the importance of staying active and engaged.

When asked to describe the turn process to someone unfamiliar with it, Lenny compared it to three weeks of organized chaos. It’s a time when the team comes together, testing their mettle, and strengthening their bonds while tackling various challenges. It’s an exhilarating period that allows everyone to shine and showcases their grit and leadership skills.

Of all the turn stories Lenny has experienced, one stands out as most memorable. Lenny’s biggest motivation during turn is to avoid making the news, and he came pretty close to being the headline one year. As a Regional, he encountered a leasing manager who, without warning anyone, changed room assignments for a 1200-bed property on the evening before move-in day. ((big property management cringe)) Chaos ensued as tenants arrived, only to find others claiming the same bedrooms or attempting to move into renewed ones. Through quick thinking, skillful mitigation, and exceptional teamwork, Lenny and his team navigated the situation successfully. This memorable story highlights the importance of communication within a team and the impact of even the smallest decisions on the turn process.

When asked about the best way corporate management can support on-site teams during turn, Lenny emphasized the need for well-organized processes and proactive planning. As leaders, it’s essential to listen to the teams and provide support throughout the process. By encouraging them to anticipate different scenarios and plan for the worst while hoping for the best, corporate management empowers the teams to tackle challenges with confidence. Lenny also appreciates the implementation of new programs that streamline the turn process, relieving some of the burdens from the on-site teams and ensuring a smoother operation from start to finish.

Sharing his number one turn tip, Lenny stressed the importance of proper delegation and follow-up. Great leaders understand that they don’t have to make every decision or handle every aspect of turn on their own. Trusting the team to execute tasks, delegating responsibilities effectively, and following up to ensure progress are key ingredients for success. Lenny also believes in the power of quick manager meetings throughout the day, providing valuable insights into ongoing activities and fostering a collaborative atmosphere. He encourages everyone, including part-time leasing consultants, to step up and make a positive impact during turn. 

Our interview with Lenny Wright, VP of Operations at Student Quarters, provided a glimpse into the whirlwind of turn while showcasing the importance of balancing work, family, and personal passions. Lenny’s commitment to his team, his emphasis on effective communication and delegation, and his infectious enthusiasm serve as an inspiration to us all.