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Where strategic alliances fuel innovation and shared visions become reality. Our premier partnerships embody a commitment to mutual growth and excellence.

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Smarter Furnishings

Featured Partner

Smarter Furnishings is a premier partner of Student Quarters providing built-to-last furnishings at our communities. From ordering to production and installation, the Smarter Furnishings team has been a proud partner for over 8 years.


Building Bridges, Not Boundaries

At Student Quarters, our commitment to excellence extends beyond merely seeking the best partners — we actively strive to be the best partner. We pride ourselves on cultivating relationships that transcend the ordinary, fostering a community of shared values and unwavering support. As proud partners with esteemed organizations such as NAA Member, Atlanta Apartment Association, College Student Mental Wellness Advocacy Coalition, Move for Hunger, and UGA Residential Property Management Board of Advisors, we are dedicated to not just meeting expectations but exceeding them. Together, we are shaping the future of student living and setting the standard for collaborative success.

Partnerships Student Quarters


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