Working here has its perks.

Since work is the place we spend most of our time, we owe loving our jobs to everyone — our residents, our investors, our families, and ourselves. At Student Quarters, we believe that loving your job is easier when you have access to holistic personal benefits, professional growth, and recognition opportunities. Over the years we have partnered with employees at all levels to build a one-of-a-kind perk platform that’s centered around wellness, results, and most importantly, happiness.

Benefits & SQuad Perks

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll have access to once you launch your career with Student Quarters:

Health Benefits & Time Off

Competitive medical, dental, & vision plan options

Paid holidays, vacation days, and bereavement days

Paid parental and military leave

Milestone Celebrations

Work anniversaries



Family additions (birth or adoption, and new pets)

Wellness & Balance

After-hours email pause

Camera-free days

Paid volunteer hours

Company events and social outings (in-person and distance)

Growth & Development Opportunities

Internal and external training opportunities

Coach mentorship program

Summer training camps for student employees

Annual leadership events

Referral programs

SQuad Approvals

Building a feedback-rich culture is important to us. Through platforms like Glassdoor, and third-party surveys, we analyze culture and leadership statistics, and make platform adjustments when necessary.

Here are some current statistics that we’re proud of:

0 %
of employees agree that their manager cares about them as an individual.
0 %
of employees agree that the organization adheres to a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination.
0 %
of employees approve of our CEO.

Did you know that Student Quarters was named a “Top 25 Student Housing Owner” by Student Housing Business?

We are poised for continued growth, and we can’t wait for you to start your journey with us!  

SQuad of
the Month

Our squad of the month program recognizes and honors top performers at the company each month. Check out the stories behind our most recent winners!

Izzy AguilarGeneral Manager @ Balcony MSU
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Izzy has been an absolute rockstar. From managing her 100% leased and occupied property as a one woman show to assisting other properties in the portfolio, she has been incredibly dependable. She assisted University Flats in Birmingham when they didn’t have a manager and she’s been so hands on with The Hangout and its transition. Anytime Vista needs an extra hand for anything, she’s always here to help! I don’t know how she does it, but she needs some major props! The two values she encompasses are We before Me and Authentic and Genuine!
Paige FahrniLeasing Consultant @ The Lookout
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During turn she worked long and hard hours with us while keeping a smile on her face. She has the ability to take any negative situation and make it positive. When she got hired, we had already hit 100%. Now that turn is over, she did an amazing job backfilling our apartments! She has helped with backfilling over 20 units! She has taken the limited staff and ran with it. I could not be prouder of Paige and the way she has taken on the leasing consultant roll and been killing it!
Kyle NewsomDirector of National Facilities
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Kyle emphasizes the importance of Dedicated to WE before ME. Assisting with the lead-up of turn, Kyle was instrumental to the success of turn throughout SQ. Kyle helped run and execute the turn at Locale Fayetteville, making sure the 300-bed Master Lease move-in was seamless. He was an air traffic controller throughout the month of August assisting our teams with vendor rescue, supply logistics, CAPEX scenarios and so much more. Thank You Kyle for being Steady in all seasons!
Frankie MenendezAcquisitions Associate
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Frankie has truly embodied our core value of “we before me”. He is always eager to raise his hand when help is needed, even if it’s close to midnight and the task is assembling furniture! Going through due diligence on a new acquisition during turn season is not ideal for any of the teams. Frankie has done his best to alleviate the amount of work for operations as we’re closing the deal he is overseeing, recognizing that they were putting out their own set of especially bright burning fires. He led the SWAT-team efforts of the on-site due diligence, and probably now holds the record for number of lease files audited by an individual on any one deal. The level of enthusiasm and commitment he brings to any task he’s asked to do is always appreciated!



Before working at Student Quarters, I had trouble finding a company that had everything I was looking for to feel at home. I wanted culture that allowed me to be me. I wanted team members that felt like family. I wanted to feel appreciated by the corporate team. I can comfortably say that all my boxes have been checked and I have found a company with everything I have been looking for! Since joining the SQuad, I have found support, culture, and family flowing in from all positions!

Alyssa Whitt

general manager


Student Quarters has an uncanny ability to see the potential in people that other companies would rather not take the risk on. Two years ago, I came from a company that saw I was not college-educated and did not think that I could handle the challenge of a promotion. When SQ bought my asset, they trained me and saw a potential in me that others did not. After seeing results, they took a chance and made me the General Manager of my property. Fast forward two years, and I have been promoted to a corporate position with the company. If you are looking for growth and not only a workplace but a true support SQuad, SQ is the place for you!

Kyrstin Ashcraft

Culture & support specialist

Kyrstin Ashcraft

When interviewing with a new company, you never know if what you are told is the truth until you actually start. Since joining the SQuad, I can tell you that everything I hoped would be true, is true. The people are genuine, and let you truly run without holding you back. There is ample coaching, but there is also ample freedom to come in, grind, and work. As a part of the SQuad, you are not a number or an employee, but instead a valuable piece of the puzzle that is respected, cared for, and treated well.

Zach McBrien

Regional Director

Zach McBrien headshot