Working here has its perks.

Since work is the place we spend most of our time, we owe loving our jobs to everyone — our residents, our investors, our families, and ourselves. At Student Quarters, we believe that loving your job is easier when you have access to holistic personal benefits, professional growth, and recognition opportunities. Over the years we have partnered with employees at all levels to build a one-of-a-kind perk platform that’s centered around wellness, results, and most importantly, happiness.

Benefits & SQuad Perks

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll have access to once you launch your career with Student Quarters:

Health Benefits & Time Off

Competitive medical, dental, vision, and 401K plan options

Paid birthday, holidays, vacation days, and bereavement days

Paid parental and military leave

Milestone Celebrations

Work anniversaries



Family additions (birth or adoption, and new pets)

Wellness & Balance

After-hours email pause

Mental Health Days

Paid volunteer hours

Company events and social outings (in-person and distance)

Growth & Development Opportunities

Internal and external trainings

Coach mentorship program

Summer training camps

Annual leadership events

Referral programs

SQuad Approvals

Building a feedback-rich culture is important to us. Through platforms like Glassdoor, and third-party surveys, we analyze culture and leadership statistics, and make platform adjustments when necessary.

Here are some current statistics that we’re proud of:

0 %
of employees agree that they have a good working relationship with their manager.
0 %
of employees agree that their work impacts the organization's business goals.
0 %
of current and past employees approve of our CEO.
Student Quarters Scholarship Program

At Student Quarters, we believe in the power of education. We want to make sure our SQuad has all the resources available to pursue their passions and grow their career – and we know that can be tough without support. That’s why we’ve launched a scholarship program that will provide financial assistance to the next generation. Providing the best student experience is important to us, and we can’t wait to engage and give back!

SQuad of
the Month

Our squad of the month program recognizes and honors top performers at the company each month. Check out the stories behind our most recent winners!

Yasmine BrooksLeasing Consultant @ The Hangout
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"Literally the goat. She consistently shows her incredible capability to not only make the office a more enjoyable place, but also constructively contribute to the team. Her attitude is exceptional- even on the dreariest of days, she stays positive and handles everything thrown at her. Her attitude and capability perfectly illustrate how her uniqueness gives her the skill and resolve to tackle a multitude of problems all while keeping a collected and enthusiastic demeanor."
April WillisAssistant Manager @ The Connector
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"Cues Alien Superstar. "I'm one of one. I'm number one. I'm the only one. Don't even waste your time trying to compete with me (don't do it)!"I am so grateful to have you a part of this team. You show up in ways that are unimaginable. You are so selfless and truly valued. Thank you for being HERE with me during the late nights and supporting my crazy ideas with a radiant smile that brings warmth and understanding that we will overcome any obstacle! You are forever that girl :)"
Ashleigh GamboaAccounting Assistant
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"Ashleigh has been a major team player as we worked through the many accounting transitions that occurred this last year. Even though her core function changed to assisting corporate accounting over AP, she is always quick to volunteer to assist with AP and property accounting without ask or hesitation. Not only that, but she also made the year-end process as smooth as possible for property accountants by putting the pedal to the medal and entering every corporate billback possible along with managing the 1099 process. She shows the Squad value we before me every day!" AND "Ashleigh has always been super helpful no matter what she has going on. She’s never too busy to answer a question! I really appreciate her dedication in making sure that her team is great regardless of what she’s consumed with."
Collin MiznerLeasing Consultant
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"Ever since Day 1, Collin has been a constant in making the office mood lighter, and more energetic! I'm not super great with words but he brings a very dedicated work ethic that shows through his attentiveness with residents, empathy, and kindness that feels very authentic and genuine!!"



Student Quarters is no doubt the best company I have ever worked for! Not only was I hired on just for temporary help for turn, but I have been able to work my way up to leasing manager. Every day I go to work looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities, but it never feels like I am actually at work. Working here is just like having a huge extended family which is so rare at jobs. Everyone has embraced me with open arms and no matter who it is everyone loves to help each other. I am so thankful to be able to work here at Student Quarters. 

Raseem Reedy

LEASING manager

Raseem Reedy- Johnson City

Student Quarters has an uncanny ability to see the potential in people that other companies would rather not take the risk on. Two years ago, I came from a company that saw I was not college-educated and did not think that I could handle the challenge of a promotion. When SQ bought my asset, they trained me and saw a potential in me that others did not. After seeing results, they took a chance and made me the General Manager of my property. Fast forward two years, and I have been promoted to a corporate position with the company. If you are looking for growth and not only a workplace but a true support SQuad, SQ is the place for you!

Kyrstin Ashcraft

Operations support specialist

Kyrstin Ashcraft

Throughout my career in the student housing industry, I have worked for various operators that I feel have never truly “Questioned the Status Quo.” Instead, many chose to seek the easiest and most comfortable route to keep an asset afloat. Student Quarters not only challenges me daily to think critically and strategically before making decisions but has also proven to me that it is okay to be uncomfortable. The unmatched support I receive from all of the team members that make up our SQuad is what allows me to persevere through the “uncomfortable” – ultimately providing growth and development opportunities. If you are looking for a company that challenges you to be the best version of yourself, welcomes new ideas, and provides growth opportunities; look no further and join THE SQuad.

Trey Jaridau


Trey Jaridau Headshot - Area Manager at Student Quarters
Student Quarters Scholarship Program