One SQuad,
One Culture

The value of a healthy workplace culture cannot be overstated. At Student Quarters, we pride ourselves on building and adhering to a transparent and inclusive culture. From our Community Assistants to our Executive-Level Managers, all employees are focused on creating memorable experiences for those around them while equally caring about the organization’s short and long-term goals. It is important for our investors, employees, and colleagues to understand our cultural DNA, which is fueled by our mission, vision, and values. Check out what guides our actions and decision-making here at Student Quarters.

The SQuad Mentality

At Student Quarters we are all a part of “The SQuad.” A “SQuad” is a term used to describe any small group or party of persons engaged in a common enterprise. We come together under one culture and face both wins and obstacles together in solidarity. 

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Our Mission

To deliver enriching experiences and exceptional results for our investors, employees, and residents.

Our Vision

Be the preeminent partner for investors, employees, and residents in the student housing sector.

Our Values

As a SQuad we collectively stand behind five core values:

Steady in All Seasons.

Like the rest of the world, we undoubtedly face many challenges due to unplanned change. Change of all sorts is inevitable and it’s the law of nature. How we respond to change is what matters. Instead of becoming disturbed easily, we believe in accepting what is in front of us, adapting and finding solutions to problems or barriers that arise. We stay calm during storms and react appropriately, as a SQuad, when called upon.

Question the Status Quo.

Instead of waiting for a “better way” to come along, we create it. Questioning the status quo with intention allows us to explore new ideas and begin conversations that lead to the transformation of our organization. Innovation happens by being open to all kinds of possibilities and we encourage SQuad members at all levels to be curious, interested, and invested in challenging and changing the “way things are.”

Unparalleled Engagement.

It’s simple. When you are engaged, your heart is in it. You act with a sense of ownership and take initiative to problem solve without being told to. As a SQuad we ask the right questions, listen, take responsibility and honor commitments. We are deeply proud of what we do and partner with people who share the same passion.

Authentic and Genuine.

You are not me and I am not you… and that is a wonderful thing. Everyone has a unique background, built off their strengths, skills, and experiences. We will accomplish more together when we can talk, write, brainstorm, and produce genuinely. Release the inner you and everything else will fall into place.

Dedicated to We before Me.

Life and business are something we do not venture through alone. As humans, we are designed to work with, communicate with, and build alongside other people. We know we can’t win without the whole and the whole cannot win without talented individuals. “We” before “me” is the idea that the SQuad and our collective goals come before individual’s accolades. It’s a mindset that eliminates selfishness. If we choose to collaborate and remove individual egos, we can and will achieve anything.

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Our Pledges

The commitments and pledges we stand for allow us to hold our SQuad accountable to our most important values. We believe that when we push forward together, we will make a positive difference in the lives of our employees, their families, and our local communities.

Check out the commitments and pledges that are close to our heart.

Diversity & Inclusion

We have programs that foster and support a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Pay Equality

We’re committed to paying equitably for equal work and experience.

Health & Wellness

We take steps to prioritize and encourage employee health and well‑being.

Veteran Hiring

We’re committed to helping America’s veterans and separating service members find meaningful roles within the organization.

Social Responsibility

We offer formal programs and team up with foundations to give back to our local communities.

Did You Know

Did you know that Student Quarters was named as a “Best Place to Work” and “Healthiest Employer” by the Atlanta Business Chronicle in 2021? Check out our Perks Page to see why!

Atlanta Business Chronicle Journal Best Places to Work 2021