Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Month


College students experience a unique set of challenges and stressors that can impact their mental health. Academic pressures, social adjustments, financial difficulties, and family expectations are just a few examples. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately one in four college students have a diagnosable mental health condition. That’s why it’s crucial to raise awareness of mental health issues and provide support for students.

Student Quarters (SQ) is a company that provides student housing options in various cities throughout the United States. SQ recognizes the importance of mental health and has launched several campaigns to support mental health awareness in college students. Here are some of the campaigns SQ is working on during Mental Health Awareness Month:

Week 1: Know The Facts Social Campaign

The first week of May is dedicated to sharing mental health facts. SQ will donate $2 to NAMI for every like or share of their “Know the Facts” post. This campaign aims to increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues, while also providing financial support to organizations that help individuals in need.

Week 2: Wellness Gift Exchange

SQ is hosting a Wellness Gift Exchange, where participants can give and receive gifts that promote mental health and well-being. Gifts could include items such as candles, adult coloring books, journals, and gift cards to health stores. This campaign provides an opportunity for SQ members to show support for each other and prioritize their mental health.

Week 3: SQuash the Stigma – SQuad Stories

During the third week of May, SQ will feature personal stories and words of encouragement from SQ members and residents across the country. By sharing personal experiences, SQ hopes to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues and encourage individuals to prioritize their mental health.

Week 4: Refueling the Fire: Understanding Burnout Training

SQ will host a training session on burnout and prevention plans. The training will cover definitions, statistics, tips, resources, and SQuad member stories. Burnout is a common issue among college students, and this training aims to provide information and support to those who may be struggling.

In addition to these campaigns, SQ is also offering all SQuad members a Mental Health Day in May. This day off is an opportunity for individuals to relax, focus on themselves, and prioritize their mental health. Mental health awareness is crucial for college students, and SQ is taking steps to support individuals’ mental health needs. By providing resources, promoting awareness, and reducing stigma, SQ is helping individuals prioritize their mental health and well-being.