Move for Hunger Partnership

Move For Hunger Partnership

Fighting Food Insecurity During Move-Out

As the housing year draws to a close, students across the country are preparing to move out of their apartments. Amidst the excitement of summer break and new adventures, there exists a significant issue: food insecurity. Recognizing this challenge, Student Quarters, a leading provider of student housing, has partnered with Move for Hunger, a non-profit organization, to tackle this pressing problem during the student housing move-out time. This collaborative effort aims to make a positive impact on communities while promoting social responsibility among students.

 What is Move for Hunger?

Move for Hunger is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting hunger and reducing food waste across the United States and Canada. The organization works closely with relocation companies, including moving and relocation businesses, to collect unopened, non-perishable food items from people who are moving and deliver them to local food banks. Since its inception in 2009, Move for Hunger has successfully collected and delivered millions of pounds of food, providing countless meals to individuals and families in need.

 The Move for Hunger Initiative

During the student housing move-out period, many students end up discarding perfectly good, unopened food items. This unfortunate wastage prompted the partnership between Student Quarters and Move for Hunger. Through this collaboration, Student Quarters seeks to empower its residents to make a positive impact on the community by donating their non-perishable food items instead of throwing them away.

How Does It Work?

When students are preparing to vacate their housing units at the end of the academic year, Student Quarters and Move for Hunger set up collection stations at strategic locations within the student housing communities. Boxes and containers are provided where students can easily deposit any unopened, non-perishable food items they no longer need. To encourage participation, Student Quarters organizes awareness campaigns and events to inform students about the importance of their contributions and how they can make a difference in their communities.

 Local Impact

The impact of this partnership is multi-faceted. By diverting edible food from the waste stream, Move for Hunger ensures that it reaches those who are facing food insecurity, thereby alleviating hunger in the local community. Local food banks and pantries receive the donated items, ensuring they get to families in need.

Additionally, the partnership fosters a sense of social responsibility among students. It teaches them about the challenges of food insecurity and how small, collective efforts can create significant positive change. Many students may not have been fully aware of the food insecurity prevalent in their own community, and this initiative opens their eyes to the issue, encouraging them to be more mindful of their actions and contributions.

 Benefits Beyond Fighting Hunger

The collaboration between Student Quarters and Move for Hunger goes beyond its primary goal of fighting hunger. The initiative also emphasizes the importance of sustainability and waste reduction. By redirecting unopened food items from landfills, the partnership actively contributes to environmental preservation and reduces the carbon footprint of student housing move-outs.

Moreover, it builds a stronger sense of community among residents, creating a positive atmosphere within the student housing properties. When students know that their actions are making a difference, it fosters a sense of pride and belonging within their living spaces.

Student Quarters’ partnership with Move for Hunger during the student housing move-out time is a remarkable initiative that showcases how small acts of kindness can lead to significant positive changes in society. By donating unopened, non-perishable food items, students are actively contributing to the fight against food insecurity and helping their local communities in times of need.

This joint effort not only benefits those who receive the donated food but also instills a sense of social responsibility in the students themselves. Through this collaboration, Student Quarters and Move for Hunger are not only tackling hunger but also fostering a generation of compassionate, conscious individuals who understand the impact they can make in the world. Together, they are creating a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone.