Coworking with Micah Beachy

Coworking: Micah Beachy

6 Tips to Enhance Your Productivity

In the midst of my daily duties, which encompass managing social media posts for our onsite team, navigating days where I craft up to 15 graphics while balancing routine tasks, overseeing corporate projects, and addressing weeks brimming with 1200 graphic requests, I’ve gathered some insights that I’d like to share on the subject of productivity. Here are some of the methods I’ve found effective:

Schedule Meetings For Projects

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dedicated to scheduling time on my calendar for my projects. When I have a campaign with a looming deadline, I set aside dedicated time to work on that project – going as far as to schedule a meeting with myself on my calendar. I treat this meeting with the same level of seriousness I’d attribute to any other commitment with a coworker. This strategy ensures I have uninterrupted, focused time to accomplish what needs to be done.


Embrace the 52/17 Rule

I recently came across and have adopted the “52/17 rule” to enhance my productivity. This rule dictates 52 minutes of concentrated work, followed by a 17-minute break on that project, a formula that researchers have identified as perfect for replenishing attention, motivation, creativity, and overall productivity. 

But does this mean taking eight 17-minute breaks in a single day? No, not necessarily. Instead, it allows you to strategically pause your large-scale project, take a moment to check emails, respond to Teams messages, catch your breath, and even take a brief stroll around your workspace before immersing yourself back into your task. During those 52 focused minutes, I go into “do not disturb” mode, fully engaged and entirely concentrated. This practice has proven effective in helping me efficiently accomplish large-scale tasks.


The Power of To-Do Lists

I’m a strong advocate for the effectiveness of to-do lists. I create my lists with tasks sorted from high to low priority, ensuring I remain realistic about what I can get done in a day. If a task remains unfinished by the end of the day but is still important, it automatically gets moved to the top of the list for the next day. Moreover, there’s a great sense of accomplishment in crossing off tasks, and sometimes I even jot down additional accomplishments that weren’t initially on my list, just for the pure joy of crossing them off. Celebrate all wins! 


Establish Weekly Routines

To maintain structure and maximize efficiency in my workdays, I’ve implemented a well-defined routine. This routine follows a cyclical pattern, where I allocate specific tasks to designated days: Fridays are dedicated to photo scheduling, afternoons are reserved for graphic work, midweek is set aside for ongoing projects, and Mondays are designated for scheduling for photos that weren’t turned in on time, completing my section of the scorecard, and addressing any weekend requests. This structured routine not only provides a clear roadmap for task completion but also allows for flexibility to manage immediate and unexpected requests as they arise. 


Take Breaks

I firmly hold the belief that productivity doesn’t hinge on ceaseless work. While it might be tempting to keep going beyond the regular work hours, especially considering my constant stream of projects, I’ve come to understand that such an approach would inevitably lead to burnout and exhaustion.

Despite my deep passion for my work, I’ve also realized that my profession is just one part of my identity. By taking care of all aspects of my life, I preserve a work-life balance and protect against work-related stress encroaching on my overall well-being. Safeguarding your mental health is an integral component of genuine productivity.


Keep Learning

My final piece of advice for productivity is to maintain your curiosity, keep learning, educate yourself, and invest in your personal growth. Every quarter, I make it a point to enroll in a new course related to social media and its evolving landscape. Additionally, I regularly tune into podcasts that offer valuable insights about the world around me, with my favorite being “Armchair Expert”. I’m also a devoted reader and a fan of books and quarterly, I read ones that relate to marketing and social media, as they keep me inspired. Interestingly, the inspiration isn’t always directly related to the content; sometimes, it’s about creating the mental space for fresh ideas to surface.


In the world of social media and marketing, change is constant and rapid; trends shift by the hour. There’s always room for improvement, more to discover, and it’s absolutely essential. The more you learn, the more adept and efficient you become at what you do.