Summer Training Camp 2023

Summer Training Camp 2023

Unleashing the Potential at Student Quarters

At Student Quarters, we believe in recognizing, developing, and empowering our future leaders. To cultivate this vision, we proudly host our annual Summer Training Camp, providing a hands-on experience at our corporate office. This initiative aims to offer our talented “rising stars” a glimpse into what their future at SQ could look like. The Summer Training Camp provides an environment for participants to stretch their capabilities and hone their skills. Through challenging assignments, workshops, and collaborative projects, participants are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their careers. This emphasis on personal and professional growth is a cornerstone of the STC experience. 

But don’t just take our word for it! Get a first hand report from one of the 2022 attendees, Madison Kerrigan!

This summer, we proudly welcomed our enthusiastic “rising stars” to the city of Atlanta for an enriching three-day experience. During this time, participants delved into various facets of property management, including Operations, Leasing & Marketing, and learned from corporate leaders in areas such as Acquisitions, Asset Management, and Accounting. Beyond technical knowledge, the Summer Training Camp also emphasized the importance of soft skills, with sessions on time management, team support, authentic leadership, and self-discovery through the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment.


The Summer Training Camp was not only a valuable learning experience, but also an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Participants thrived in a collaborative environment where they could exchange ideas, forge meaningful connections, and expand their networks. The presence of corporate and company leaders added a layer of inspiration and mentorship, enabling participants to gain insights from experienced professionals in the industry.


The atmosphere of the Summer Training Camp fostered team spirit and camaraderie. Participants bonded during team-building activities, social events, and even an escape room, creating lasting memories and friendships. These connections will undoubtedly contribute to a strong support system as they navigate their future careers at Student Quarters.


At Student Quarters, we firmly believe in nurturing talent and investing in our employees’ growth. The Summer Training Camp is not just a summer program; it’s a commitment to nurturing and empowering future leaders. By recognizing these rising stars, we aim to provide them with an immersive experience that illuminates their path towards a successful career at Student Quarters.


Summer Training Camp 2023 Attendees

Congratulations to:

William Brewer – Assistant Manager at The Hangout

Raseem Reedy – Leasing Manager at SQ Johnson City

Ashley Williams – Assistant Manager at SQ Johnson City

Rikki Lee Davis – Leasing Consultant at The Locale FSU

Sasha Vengarick – Leasing Consultant at The Crossings

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