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The YOU Product

4 Tips for Promoting Yourself in the Professional World

Whether you are aiming for a promotion, looking for a new opportunity or building your professional network, there is always one thing to keep at the forefront of your mind; YOU are your product. Melody comes from a performance background, musical theatre specifically, and has been to hundreds of auditions throughout the years. In the arts they teach to “Sell Yourself”. The only way to truly do this is to know yourself inside and out and be that 100% of the time. Promoting yourself can be challenging and because of that, we asked Melody, our Senior Talent and Experience Advisor, to share four tips that can help you get started on your self-promotion journey.

1: Bring your authentic self to the table. 

More than ever, people are looking for authenticity. We all want to meet people that are their true selves whether at work or home life. Nothing draws people in more than showing your unique and genuine self. One of the core values at Student Quarters is Authentic and Genuine. You are not me and I am not you… and that is a wonderful thing. Everyone has a unique background, built off their strengths, skills, and experiences. We will accomplish more together when we can talk, write, brainstorm, and produce genuinely. Release the inner you and everything else will fall into place.

2: Be visible. 

Melody spends hours on LinkedIn every week scouting talent. LinkedIn is also the first place people go when they want to see the person behind the resume. Even if you are not a “social media fan”, set some time aside to virtually network and keep your account up to date. Just like any other product you are selling, there must be a social media aspect. It can be as easy as keeping an up-to-date picture on your profile and keeping your experience and skills current. This is a great way to promote yourself to your peers and network to show them that you are the best product in the market!

3: Make an emotional connection. 

Like any other type of sales, you must make an emotional connection with your audience. Think about when you are making a first impression with a prospect or resident. Apply the same skills you have developed to your interviewing or networking approach. Maybe you will find out a little about the recruiter, the hiring manager, or better yet, their company’s core values and culture. Figure out how to find common ground with whoever you are conversing with. While your resume and experiences are extremely important, remember that 80% of decisions are based on emotion. We all want to work with people that we have a positive connection with, right?

4: Know and practice your elevator pitch. 

On a weekly basis, how many times are you asked, “what do you do?” In the property management industry that can be a hard question to answer and depending on the day, your answer could change. Have a clear 2-3 sentence description of what you do. No matter who asks you, you should be able to answer the question clearly, confidently, and without pause. Here is an example from Melody: “I am a Property Manager for a luxury high rise apartment complex in Atlanta that is geared toward Georgia Tech students. I manage all aspects of the property operations, the employees, and residents. I have been in the role for three years. It’s challenging, but I absolutely love it!”

Promoting yourself can be a daunting task, but it is crucial to your success in the professional world. Remember, YOU are your product, and it’s essential to bring your authentic self to the table. Be visible, make an emotional connection, and know your elevator pitch. By implementing these four tips from Melody, you can start your self-promotion journey and set yourself up for success in your career. If you would like to talk more about YOU or any opportunities at Student Quarters, please reach out to Melody on LinkedIn or email [email protected]